Care Recommendations 

Jewellery Care

The following tips will ensure you receive the longest life from any item you purchase.


  • Use the Grays cleaning cloth included free in your order after each wear to buff your item. This will remove any natural skin oils that can cause oxidisation and restore shine.


  • Always make sure you apply all cosmetic products including; make up, perfumes and hairspray before applying your jewellery.


  • Harsh Chemicals including chlorine can damage the gemstones and/or metal make sure you remove your item before swimming, exercising, bathing and showering.

  • Even 925 Sterling Silver items need to be cleaned regularly to avoid build up of cosmetic products and natural oils which occur on the hands, if not cared for properly this can cause a darkened mark to the skin. This can easily be avoided by using the Grays cleaning cloth we included free of charge in your order.

  • We don't recommend sleeping in your jewellery and advise storing your items separately in the dust bag or ring box you received it in.

  • We strongly advise you to be extra careful with any jewellery pieces that have a stone setting, pressure against the setting, snagging them on clothes, or ie, lifting heavy items with a ring on may results in damaging the item. Should an item be returned to us and show any signs of the above Grays Jewellery Co will not be able to replace or credit you for this item.

Hair Accessories Care

Our handmade scrunchies are made from hand picked fabrics therefore patterns may vary, the fabrics that are used are delicate so we recommended that you wash them by hand in warm water with a drop of shampoo and leave to dry naturally.  

We strongly advise you to not wear your scrunchies immediately after applying hair oils and hair products. 


One of the main reasons we started this business was because friends and family would be looking for something in particular. Whether, that be cheaper version of high end diamond pieces, or things spotted on celebs and social media.

If there is anything specific you are looking for be sure to email us with images and/or description and we will do our best to source the item for you.